Your Evening Reception Times.

We’re often asked to give an indication as to how an evening reception might work, in terms of when we play and take our breaks, etc.

Whilst we always prefer to fit in with your planned itinerary, we’ve found that receptions often run as follows: –

6.00pm – Chameleon arrive to set up & sound check their equipment. (We’re usually allowed access once the wedding breakfast has finished and banqueting staff have begun preparing the room for the evening party).

7.00pm – Equipment set up, with pre-recorded background music playing and lighting dimmed in readiness for the return of guests.

7.30pm – Arrival of evening guests

8.15pm – First dance (performed live by Chameleon, or the original artiste’s recording to be played on CD/MP3), followed by 1st Chameleon set.

9.15pm – Buffet (pre-recorded background music to be played)

10.00pm – 2nd Chameleon┬áset

10.45pm – Disco (pre-recorded dance/party music to be played during our interval)

11.20pm – 3rd and final Chameleon┬áset

Midnight – Finish


We regularly arrive to find that the daytime formalities have over-run, which then impacts on the evening reception.

Should this happen at your wedding, the best advice we can offer is not to worry.

Even if the start of evening party is delayed, we can accommodate any changes by taking shorter breaks and making the time up throughout the evening. You’ll still get the same amount of live music from us and we’ll be working just as hard to make sure everyone has the best time possible.