Ceremony Music

With much experience of providing music for both church & civil ceremonies, we’re more than happy to advise you and help choose your music. And we can arrange the professional musicians you need, to perform in a variety of different formats, from the currently popular guitar/vocal duo, to the ever popular jazz trio.

Options for different ensembles:
• Solo piano
• Solo female voice
• Piano & female voice
• Acoustic guitar/vocalist
• Acoustic guitar/vocalist & female vocalist
• Acoustic guitar trio
• Solo saxophone
• Jazz trio (Piano, Double Bass & Saxophone)

If you book us for your evening party too, we’re able to be much more competitive with our prices for music during the day!

Typically, music for your ceremony will take the following format:

  • Guests arrival and whilst they settle
  • Bride’s entrance
  • Signing of the register & photographs
  • Bride & Groom’s exit

Trio Tracks

[hmp_player playlist=’Trio_songs’]

The ceremony is usually followed by a drinks reception, during which more wedding photographs will also be taken. We usually relocate to a suitable position and play music during this period too.

As a guide, ceremonies usually take 30/40 minutes and the following reception period can last between 1 – 2.5 hrs.

Relaxing atmosphere

Music for your ceremony should be carefully selected and whilst you may think that you’re free to choose any piece of music you wish, sadly, that’s not always the case. Registrars usually have to approve your musical choices to ensure they are appropriate.

Although the music we play is modest in volume and will not in any way intrude in the conversation of your invited guests, when we stop playing, you will most certainly notice.

That balance of the music we choose to play, against the delicate playing level helps us blend into the background, but more importantly, helps us create an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

We take a minimal amount of space too, which means we’re able to perform comfortably in any venue.

The Chameleon trio repertoire is largely drawn from the American Song Book. That said, we also take inspiration from the Classical genre, as well as performing a liberal selection of Latin American, Pop and Soul classics too

Wedding Breakfast

When asked to play during dinner, we usually suggest playing though the main course only. The start of the meal is typically a ‘settling down’ period and not always the most quiet. Once the main course is served, the mood in the room is generally much more settled. Again, as desserts/coffee come out, the atmosphere can often liven up again, particularly if speeches are at the end of your meal.

This format is only a suggestion based on experience and one which has proven to work many times over. If however, you prefer an alternative, we’re happy to play as required.

Bookings normally follow one of two options:

  1. Ceremony & drinks reception
  2. Ceremony, drinks reception & dinner

Client Testimonials

“Thank you very much for the absolutely marvellous music your trio provided for our wedding ceremony and reception. The music you played was fantastic and all of our guests were very impressed and complimentary about the standard of musicianship. Thank you too for all your help throughout, you’ve been fantastic.”

Rosie Brownlie

“The afternoon was perfect. The atmosphere in the garden couldn’t have been better. Everyone had such a great time. I’m happy to recommend you to anyone, so feel free to refer anyone to me”

Geoff Parling

“Many thanks to you for the performance of the Jazz trio at our drinks reception. The atmosphere you created was lovely and everyone was commenting on the relaxed feel of the afternoon. We had a great day and once again, thank you very much”

Andrew Goldthorpe