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If we book Chameleon, do we have to pay a deposit and will we receive a contract?

Yes, we usually take £200 deposit and all Chameleon bookings are contracted.

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How do we pay our deposit?

We’re happy to receive payment via bank transfer, or a cheque.

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How do we pay the balance of your fee?

  1. Electronic bank transfer or cheque, both of which we ask to be paid at least 1 week before the date of your event.
  2. Cash on the night of the event.
    We’re also happy for you to spread the cost of our fee and pay in two, or three instalments.

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Do you Provide Sound and Lighting?

All Chameleon performances are supported by a high quality, digital P.A. System and subtle, intelligent stage lighting, to create the perfect ambience for every event.

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Do you have any specialist Mains Power requirements for your equipment?

Although powerful & impressive in terms of performance, all of our equipment operates from a standard 13A consumer mains supply. The availability of 4 independent 13A sockets is usually adequate for our needs.

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How long do you play for?

We are able to play up to 3hrs of live music. However, given the time-scale of a typical wedding reception and that are sets will fit around your planned itinerary, we’d usually play 2 longer (1hr 15mins),  or 3 shorter (45min) sets.

If you’d prefer something different however, we’re happy to discuss that with you.

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Do you play Special Requests?

Yes. For example if wedding clients’ have a favourite song that you would like us to play for your first dance that’s not already in our repertoire, we will do our utmost to learn the song of your choice and perform it especially for you.

If you’d prefer to dance to the original track performed by the original artiste, we’re happy to organise a recorded version for you.

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Can we choose what music you play?

Whilst we encourage clients to give us an indication of the music they like, we discourage those that might wish to specifically choose our eventual play list.

We’re happy to include your personal song choices within our usual sets, but prefer to assume final control over the music we perform.

As a successfully busy band, we attribute our appeal not only to our fine musicianship, but also to our ‘tried & tested’ repertoire, which keeps the dance floor full, the whole night long.

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Do you Provide Music during your intervals?

Yes, we provide pre-recorded background and dance music during the intervals when the band is not normally performing (& during dinner if required) and are therefore, able to provide a continuous flow of music throughout your event. This will largely negate the need for you to secure the services of an independent DJ.

Essentially, you get a Free DJ!

This music is regularly updated to include the best selection of recently released chart material.

You can have full control over this playlist if you wish, We’re happy for you to compile a playlist of your own, or simply send us a list and we’ll make sure all of your chosen tracks are ready to play.

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Can we choose what music is played during your intervals?

Yes you can. Whilst we usually keep the party going during our breaks by playing many of the typical songs you would expect to hear a professional DJ playing, we’re happy for you to have total control over the interval music if you wish.

You can either provide us with an iPod, or CD compilation of your own, or simply give us a list of your preferred songs and leave the rest to us.

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How much space do you need?

A floor/stage area which is 20′ wide x 12′ deep would be ideal. In reality, we’re able to set up in much more compact spaces and have yet to find a venue in which we’ve been unable to set up due to space restrictions.

We’re often asked about the difference in space taken up by both a 5 and 6-piece band. The extra space taken up by the 6th person is very minimal and therefore, means that we don’t actually occupy any more physical space when performing with the larger band.

The main reason for this is our sound equipment, which takes up the same floor space regardless of numbers of personnel.

If you’re concerned about space, we’ll gladly make a site visit (if possible) to your chosen venue in order to determine the available space.

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Can you provide music for reception periods and/or through dinner?

Yes we can. We can play music with, or without, vocals during both drinks receptions and dinner. Ensembles can comprise of different instrumental line-ups to suit your personal taste.

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If my event is in a marquee, are there any specific considerations I need to be aware of?

We play at a great many events that are held in marquees and whilst there are rarely major issues to contend with, there are some considerations you should be aware of.

We’re usually required to have our equipment set up and sound checked early in the day, prior to the arrival of your invited guests. We’re always happy to be on site early however, there is usually an additional cost to accommodate this.

Mains power is typically supplied by a generator. In most cases our equipment will not be affected, but to be safe it’s always advisable to get details of the power supplier from your hire company, or marquee company. We’re happy to take the responsibility of dealing with your suppliers directly if you wish.

Alternatively, the provision of 2-4 independent 13amp supplies from a domestic building will be adequate.

It’s preferable if the performance area has a hard, level floor.

As were usually on site for a large part of the day, a clean, dry, room that we can use to get changed in and that has a mains electricity supply is a must.

Should you require a radio microphone with stand for speeches, we’re happy to provide one at extra cost.

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Can you perform Israeli Music for Jewish Weddings?

Yes we can. Chameleon are fast gaining a reputation for being the leading band in the North East for providing music in support of Jewish wedding ceremonies & receptions. We have a large repertoire of Israeli tunes that we’re able to play ourselves and for those occasions that require a more orthodox approach, we use colleagues who specialise only in Israeli music and who are able to deliver a traditional repertoire in native tongue.

For detailed information about how Chameleon can provide the most suitable music for a Jewish Wedding please click on this following Link.

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Are you Insured for Public Performance?

For your ultimate peace of mind, every Chameleon booking comes safe in the knowledge that we carry £10m of Public Liability Insurance Cover.

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Is your electrical equipment PAT Tested?

Yes, all of our equipment is PAT tested and we are able to provide a certificate to verify this. Chameleon are fully compliant with current performance legislation.

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Do you have a Promotional DVD?

Yes, our ‘live’ DVD is now available. You can order a copy by phoning us or sending an email.

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Are you able to learn entirely New Performance Material for specialist corporate themed events?

Absolutely! Chameleon have earned a reputation for being one of the most flexible and adaptable Party Bands in the UK. We have on a number of occasions, learnt new songs to compliment our clients’ business and promotional themes. These have included, 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Grease, 70’s Disco Mania, Motown Soul Train, 1980’s/New Romantic, James Bond, Box Office Hit Movie Themes, Stars/Sun/Moon & Sky, Caribbean & Reggae, Latin and Big Band Swing.

Check out our events page.

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Where are you based and do you have any restrictions as to where you will travel to perform?

We are based in the North East of England, but we travel and play throughout the UK. In fact we’re happy to play anywhere in the world. It’s definitely a case of “have gear, will travel!”

We’re fast building a strong reputation in other areas of the UK aside from our native North East. As a result of many recent performances, we’re becoming highly regarded as a much sought after Yorkshire Wedding Band. With frequent trips to Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside, we’re also experiencing an increase in enquiries from the North West.

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Can we come and see you play ‘live’?

You can, however as most of our engagements are private events (i.e. weddings), permission to attend is at the discretion of our clients.

Our ‘live’ DVD is an excellent way of seeing us in action, without having to travel. You can order a copy by phoning us or sending an email.

You can also meet us at one of the many Wedding Shows throughout the North East and North Yorkshire at which we exhibit. If you’d like to come along to one of these events for a chat and to see/hear us performing, were happy to provide you with a list of forthcoming event. You can ask us from our contact page.

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Can you perform as a Smaller or Larger Sized Band?

Yes we can. Chameleon is able to present itself in a variety of formats and performance styles (by request). The unique quality of this service being that each ensemble relies upon the consistency and quality of the same core musician, vocalists & entertainers.

Aside from our usual 6-piece line-up, we regularly work as a 5-piece band. This option is often more viable should your budget be slightly more restricted, or if space perhaps is an issue at your chosen venue.

We can also perform as a Trio or Quartet. These can be either instrumental or with the inclusion of vocals.

For those occasions which demand something on a much grander scale (our existing ensemble can be augmented by a larger horn section plus additional vocalists), we are able to perform as a Big Band. Not only delivering a traditional swing repertoire, but also our usual modern repertoire too. This can feature as many as 18 performers.

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Can you provide us with references from previous clients?

Yes. As we regularly receive unsolicited letters of thanks, we’re happy to pass these on to you.

Some of the most recent comments we’ve received appear on our Testimonials page.

If you prefer a more personal recommendation, some of our previous clients are happy to be contacted direct and will I’m sure, give you an honest impression of us

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