I wanted to thank you for Saturday and Juliet’s wedding-you guys were literally amazing! I have had SO MANY compliments about you, and people asking who you were. We had “trendy” sorts from London and we even had the CEO of Atlantic Records UK here, which I didn’t tell you that at the time 🙂 and several professional musicians- all of them hugely complimentary about Chameleon (who I had initially positioned as a “just a covers band”). People know that I “know my music” and expected I would have a great band, and you certainly didn’t let me down, you were BRILLIANT. If I am honest, I was a little nervous booking a band I had never heard. Music is my passion and I did feel that it was something of a risk, but you simply blew me away. The dance floor was packed from the first dance till the last number. The sound was truly exceptional as well, superbly mixed and balanced and the playing was absolutely top class. Your soul stuff was my favourite if I am honest, but everything was outstanding.

The piano in the church went down extremely well, and people also raved about the trio playing in the garden. That was the perfect backdrop, on a perfect day. The versatility was impressive. No wonder you are called “Chameleon”.  Several people commented that the dance band were great and also the “jazz trio” were excellent too, not realising they were one and the same.

I would certainly have you guys play at any other event, and will be recommending you every time I am asked for a recommendation. If ever you need a reference please let me know. Quite brilliant. So THANK YOU. You played the set we wanted and were flexible enough to minimise overlap with my playlist. In fact, the way you managed the playlist was incredible, adjusting for time over-runs and synchronising it so that we finished EXACTLY as the bride and groom left the marquee, with our selected sing-a-long anthems ringing in their ears. That was perfectly managed and something I would have struggled to do in my semi inebriated state LOL. Throughout the lead in and the booking process you were helpful, you made great suggestions and listened patiently to what I was looking for (sorry if I was a bit directive!). I also enjoyed my brief interactions with you all on the day. THANK YOU for making Juliet and Will’s night so amazing. Kind Regards and I hope you like the pic. I have many more of ones, but this is my favourite!

Graham Edmundson – Ellingham